The Egg !

Half a Smile

Og ?


...15.625 blocks later...

Roger, Over & Out

Where's the damn Hockey Stick ??

I'm so happy

Just u get a little closer & I shall punch your nose

ECB now ready to launch the new One Zillion Euro Note


It's getting in though cracks, holes, and even the water <:O

Professionals are on their way

Get out of your house, that's where it lives

Hvad end der kræves, Villy er Villig !

Must have !

PlayEX in Wood

Where's the damn Hockey Stick ??

Der kommer aldrig mere hvid jul i Danmark!

Obama had to leave COP15 in a hurry

No, no - Not because of the Global Warming

It was a blizzard !


Varm Luft og Udbrændte Pærer


Well he didn't make it for presidency either


World Leaders Headin' for Copenhagen DecemberSummit


Why ??

Jango's doing what he loves the most!

Dancing riverdance while eating Pineapple, mmm !

New show on 2-night !

The show where the nice suburban family "The Banks family", a respectable Californian family, take in a relative -
Will Smith, an up to no good drug addict teenager from Philadelphia.

The idea is to make him respectable, responsible and mature, but Will has got other plans

He got shoes, he's whack, an' thats a fac(t)

See the first show tonight, where he shoots random people, sells drugs to a kindergarden teacher.
Steals a Rolls Royce. And Plays devil music from his evil "Broom box"

Welcome the Cwappy Wabby Bwandjo's

They here, they ready, they play happy tunes for allerybody !

Cwappy Wabby Bwandjo's manager So Huat, talks to camera

"All say we the same, I think not !
We play to all beating hearts, alswhoe to may pasonal fuend Ubhama"

"He not so tall !"

That evil recession will never find me here!

Hor-nung-her @ 16/06-2009