New show on 2-night !

The show where the nice suburban family "The Banks family", a respectable Californian family, take in a relative -
Will Smith, an up to no good drug addict teenager from Philadelphia.

The idea is to make him respectable, responsible and mature, but Will has got other plans

He got shoes, he's whack, an' thats a fac(t)

See the first show tonight, where he shoots random people, sells drugs to a kindergarden teacher.
Steals a Rolls Royce. And Plays devil music from his evil "Broom box"

Welcome the Cwappy Wabby Bwandjo's

They here, they ready, they play happy tunes for allerybody !

Cwappy Wabby Bwandjo's manager So Huat, talks to camera

"All say we the same, I think not !
We play to all beating hearts, alswhoe to may pasonal fuend Ubhama"

"He not so tall !"

That evil recession will never find me here!


Hillar'ious Clinton and the frenchman

Pointing ! It's the hip new thing

They are all doing it, so should you !


Political washouts

Cool guys, saying Aaaiii




Even swedish rockstars

Pointing ! You could be doing it this afternoon !

Eilert want's YOU to PARTY HARD'Y !

Nye studier af den velkendte Vostok-iskerne fra Antarktis - der fredag publiceres i tidsskriftet Science - viser at kuldioxidstigningen kommer mellem 600 og 1.000 år senere end temperaturændringen og altså skyldes en form for tilbagekobling fra miljøet

I wouldn’t have wasted my time, had I only checked if God were null.

Meet Nermal

Villy - til hvad som helst

♫ De kalder os for Caster og for Pollux ♪♪

Kvæk ?

Velkommen til Brødrene Bidsk

Aii !

"I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything you ask for,
it will be done for you by my Father in heaven.
For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them."

Matthew 18:19-20

If so, why don't two christians get together and ask for world peace ?
It must be arrogance !


I'll see you in the trees
Under the sycamore trees.

Vi kan også kalde den for Zeus..... og katowler!

Johnny Logan Skipping a Lama With Ease @ 04/10-2008